For more than 20 years, STOPAQ has been the market leader in developing new applications for sealing and corrosion prevention, meeting the most stringent safety and health requirements.

In many applications, from onshore pipelines, refineries, offshore platforms, subsea pipelines, and civil structures, STOPAQ solutions can be found making the impossible possible.

What is STOPAQ?

  • STOPAQ provides superior adhesive strength to any surface (steel pipe or existing coating) through a permanent molecular bonding with the substrate.
  • With a glass transition temperature of -67°C, STOPAQ will flow and adhere even in the coldest working environments, and it will self-heal in case of minor damages.

Product Features

  • Due to its fluid-like nature and unique visco-elastic corrosion properties, the STOPAQ system will protect your valuable assets for life.
  • By offering unique non-crosslinkable anti-corrosion and sealant solutions that require only minimal surface preparation and perform for life, STOPAQ ensures an environmentally-friendly, energy efficient, and safe coating system application.

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