With our proven expertise in packaging and protection solutions, and our dedicated insights team that follows trends across a wide range of industries, we are uniquely positioned to serve a broad range of markets and customer needs.


Whether you are looking for an entire packaging solution, a specialized cap, closure, or film, we can meet all of your beverage packaging needs.

Cannabis Solutions

We have a broad range of packaging products, technical, and design services to support medical and adult use cannabis customers. The majority of our packaging products are widely recyclable, can incorporate recycled content, and are lighter and less energy intensive than alternative materials.



Our filtration materials deliver purity where it matters most. From liquid to air filtration, you can rely on our solutions to outperform.  Diverse applications served include: high efficiency HVAC, food and beverage, drinking water, pharmaceutical, blood, and our REEMAY? materials lead the market in pool filtration.  Look to our spunbond, meltblown, and nanofiber materials for pleat support, filter media, or scrim applications.


From the bakery to the freezer, our food packaging and design expertise can be seen in every aisle of the grocery store. Our films and packaging are specially designed to keep freshness and flavor at their peak and all of our food film manufacturing facilities are ISO and AIB certified.


Our foodservice offerings include an unmatched depth and breadth of plastic cup offerings for quick service restaurants, including specialty items such as containers, cutlery and other foodservice ware.


From medical tape and surgical gown liners to everyday vitamin and prescription bottles, we develop a variety of products for the medical and healthcare industries that ensure safe and sanitary practices for the home and healthcare facilities.

Beauty and Personal Care

We offer a wide range of personal care items that can be found in almost any home. From bottles, tubes, and jars to films and closures, we will work with you to develop a packaging solution that will set your product apart from the competitor.


Our extensive specialty material expertise has enabled us to become the largest nonwovens supplier in the world. We offer a full portfolio of technologies, including a wide range of combining, forming, bonding, and finishing options.

Our experienced teams constantly push the boundaries of what is possible across a diverse range of applications. If you have a material challenge, contact us today.

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We have an extensive portfolio of products that can be used in the laundry room, garage, or even in the yard to help keep every home running smoothly.



Our protective films and nonwovens provide protection in personal hygiene products for people of all ages, from infants to seniors.

Industrial & Transportation

Our industrial and transportation capabilities span across a wide range of industries including construction, HVAC, military and government, and aerospace, automobiles, marine, and rail.


We offer high-quality, climate-engineered mulch film to help growers reducer their overall labor cost and improve yields.

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