By focusing on usage reduction and alternative sources of energy, we are working to reduce our carbon footprint.


As our facility footprint continues to grow and as we increase automation in our facilities, we are cognizant of the fact that our energy usage will grow as well. To maximize our energy efficiency, we:

  • Identify, share, and translate utilities best practices across our Company
  • Systematically replace energy intensive processes with energy efficient processes
  • Train our employees to identify electrical, gas, and water waste
  • Implement ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems compliant processes to reduce energy intensity


We are minimizing waste in our manufacturing plants and finding new ways to put our waste to use. We use the EPA’s waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse, and recycle to guide us in our decisions. Plant level sustainability teams provide best practices that are leveraged across the Company.

Not only are we concerned about our direct waste, we are also concerned about the entire life cycle of our products. At Berry, we support the research and development of practical and economical end-of-life scenarios for our products that prevent them from accumulating in the landfill or the natural environment.


We acknowledge the importance of knowing and mitigating our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which is why we track both our Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions. Our GHG inventory was initially verified for method and accuracy by the EPA as part of the Climate Leaders program.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with other industry leaders to help make all plastics more recyclable. Some of our partnerships are:



Berry has partnered with Preserve Gimme 5 to help increase the publics’ knowledge of the recyclability of plastics, specifically, #5 polypropylene plastic.

Preserve Gimme 5 makes products from #5 polypropylene plastic. To do so, they collect plastic from individuals and consumer companies, sort it, clean it, test it, recycle it, and turn it into new stylish products for consumer use.

Our Products

At Berry, we are focused on the continued optimization of our product designs to reduce material usage and design with the environment in mind. We collaborate with our customers to provide design alternatives so that we can together increase the utilization of post-consumer resin (PCR) and post-industrial resin.


We are creating real solutions for recycling, not only for ourselves and our customers, but for the industry. For example, we recently launched a new product technology called Versalite. Versalite disposable cups are fully recyclable while still meeting current performance and customer experience needs, providing a superior sustainability option for to-go beverages.

Made from polypropylene, Versalite cups have less of a total impact on the environment than the leading paper hot cup options tested in most of the impact categories evaluated. Additionally, polypropylene is considered to be one of the safest materials used in food packaging today.